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Twenty years ago, I launched Abu Aardvark, one of the first generation of blogs about the politics of the Middle East. Since then, I’ve spent the last decade building platforms like FP’s Middle East Channel, The Monkey Cage, the Project on Middle East Political Science, and the Middle East Political Science Podcast to support public engagement by academics working on the Middle East and North Africa.

Abu Aardvark’s MENA Academy features my own publications and commentaries, as well as links to my podcast and my regular book review essays. It also features a weekly roundup of great new political science (and related disciplines) publications on the Middle East from across the academic journals.

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The original Abu Aardvark.I direct POMEPS and GW's Middle East program. My recent books include The New Arab Wars, The Political Science of the Middle East, and The One State Reality: What is Israel/Palestine? I also have Taylor Swift tickets.