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Twenty years ago, I launched Abu Aardvark, one of the first generation of blogs about the politics of the Middle East. Since then, I’ve spent the last decade building platforms like FP’s Middle East Channel, The Monkey Cage, the Project on Middle East Political Science, and the Middle East Political Science Podcast to support public engagement by academics working on the Middle East and North Africa.

Abu Aardvark’s MENA Academy brings it all full circle. It will feature my own commentary about the Middle East, in the old Abu Aardvark style. This time around, it will also spotlight regular reviews and discussion of the best new academic publications on the MENA region, including a weekly book review essay. Expect about three posts a week.

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Marc Lynch
The original Abu Aardvark. I created FP's The Middle East Channel and POMEPS. I'm also also a professor at GWU, where I direct the Middle East program, an editor at TMC, and author of The New Arab Wars.